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The Pilates History

The Pilates method of exercise was originally designed by a German called Joseph Pilates (1880-1967).

He was small and sickly as a child suffering from rickets, asthma and rheumatic fever. Joseph wished to overcome his physical disadvantages so studied various exercise regimes to gain fitness and participated in a number of activities including yoga, wrestling and gymnastics.

When World War I broke out Joseph was in Britain, was interned as a prisoner of war and worked in a hospital on the Isle of Man. He devised a system of exercises that he and his roommates did regularly. Those who were bedridden exercised with resistance work produced by pulling on bedsprings attached to the head and foot of the bed. It was soon noticed that those participating in the regular exercise regime recovered more quickly. After the war Joseph Pilates continued his work developing his exercise regime within the dance world in Germany. He then emigrated to America and opened 'The Pilates Studio' with his wife again working with dancers. He continued this work for 20 years.

Joseph believed that by focusing on breathing technique and continued flow of movement the exerciser would be able to alter abnormal patterns of movement and achieve a carryover effect into daily function. He believed that injuries were caused by imbalances in the body and habitual patterns of movement. He
noticed that when a person had a weakness or a misalignment in their posture, they compensated or overdeveloped another area to try and achieve certain functional movements. Joseph found it was critical to correct the misalignment and to re-educate the body to prevent recurrence.

Introduction to Modified Pilates

5 Key Elements To Modified Pilates

The Pilates Technique

The Pilates Rest Position


To enrol for East Devon Physio Modified Pilates Rehabilitation Programme please telephone 01395 578656 or email: info@eastdevonphysio.co.uk

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