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The Pilates Technique

Modified Pilates consists of matwork exercises designed to promote core stability, flexibility, endurance, postural and body awareness and to correct muscle imbalances.

From the basic level Pilates exercises can be progressed by adjusting the intensity of each exercise, through the use of differing length levers (various limb movements) and resistance (use of additional equipment).

Modified Pilates is based on the following eight principles:

1) BREATHING - breathing is co-ordinated with exercise so that exhalation occurs with movements that require the greatest effort. The diaphragm and transversus work together to provide local muscle stability to the spine.

2) CONCENTRATION - concentration on every movement is vital to promote correct alignment and body awareness.

3) CONTROL - continued flow and precision for smooth co-ordinated movement.

4) CENTERING - your POWERHOUSE - learning to hold your core stability muscles and maintain a neutral spine whilst moving your limbs to increase the exercise challenge

5) PRECISION - routine in the techniques creates awareness and control of small movements.

6) FLOW - continuous flowing movements.

7) ISOLATION - mind -body awareness. Learn to recognise incorrect movement patterns and feel how to correct them.

8) ROUTINE - repetition of exercise leads to greater control and the movement then becomes automatic. Practice, practice, practice - hence your homework!

Introduction to Modified Pilates

5 Key Elements To Modified Pilates

The Pilates History

The Pilates Rest Position


To enrol for East Devon Physio Modified Pilates Rehabilitation Programme please telephone 01395 578656 or email: info@eastdevonphysio.co.uk

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